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The Aesthetic is real

We offer premium press-on nails in their trendiest form

Trendy styles


Locally made


"Natasha can pretty much do anything you want and is super open to design ideas. I would recommend her to anyone looking for high quality press ons. She's happily made me new nails after I lost mine and even delivered it same day. You’ll never see me at the salon again!"


"I love the nails!!! They were exactly what I wanted!! It’s like I gave u my idea and I did it!! Lol the sticky stuff doesn’t always stay but I just don’t use the glue! And I’ve worn them at least 3 times so far and I ans wear them again :)"


"I loveeeee the set! I was so surprised to see how well the glue held up. Even acrylics done at the nail salon didn’t last as long as these press ons. Natasha nails was very generous with the nail glue. I still have 1/2 the bottle to this day."


"You made the designs were done exactly the way i had wanted them done and you had fast replies and had the nails done for me super quickly which i lovedddd"


"i love the nails! they were super pretty and really turned out exactly how i wanted, and when i lost one the costumer service was really great ❤️❤️"


"The nails were absolutely stunning! I saw some friends while I had them on and they couldn’t get over that they weren’t done at a nail salon! Plus, the pricing is very affordable"


"Purchasing my set of press on’s from Natasha was so fun and simple! Together we were able to collaborate on a set I adore and she provides everything i need to be able to reuse them again and again!!"


"The service was really fast, but the product was still fantastic quality. I wore the nails for about 2 weeks before I noticed them coming off a bit, but I will definitely be reusing them. I loved how the nails came with a full kit to use with them."

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