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Do you take custom orders?

Yes we do! If you see a press on nails set you like but would like it in a different colour, we can do that! Just look at our single colour sets in the nail shop and choose the colour you like. Then just head to our customization page and add the colour you would like to cart! Leave instructions for what you're looking for in the description box at checkout so we can make you your perfect set!

What do the nails come with?

When you order a set of press on nails you will receive a prep pack. The prep pack includes a mini nail file, a wooden cuticle pusher, 2 alcohol wipes, and your choice of nail glue, adhesive tabs, or both! The press on nails also come in a holographic pouch that you can store them in. Note: if you have ordered nails and do not require the prep pack due to having leftover product from your previous order, make sure to click the option to remove it so you are not charged for it!

Can I reuse the nails?

Yes! Depending on how well you take care of your press on nails, they can be reused. Be careful when removing them and make sure the back of the nail is clean for reapplication!

How do I apply the nails?

The kit comes with instructions for all your needs including prep, application, removal, and if any nails fall off and you can find the instructions below as well!

The two options for application are the nail tabs that is good for 1-3 day use or nail glue which can last anywhere from 1-2 or more weeks!

The nail tabs are amazing if you like to change your nails up a lot. You can pair your press on nails with all your outfits!

What size do I order?

We have a size guide you can use to determine your size. If you find that our pre set sizes on the chart don't work for you, just leave us a note at check out in the description box and let us know your custom sizes starting from your thumb, index, middle, ring, then pinky. We will then make sure you get the correct custom sizes.


Application & Removal Instructions


1) First you want to push back your cuticles using the cuticle pusher in the kit.

2)  Using the alcohol wipe, wipe your nail to remove any oil residue from your hands.

3) buff your nail beds to give the nails and glue a surface to stick on to as the natural oils on your nails can cause them to fall off sooner.

4) Now you are ready for your nails. If you are using the tabs, pick the correct size for your nail and stick the tab on your nail, then apply the false nail and press firmly. If you are using glue, apply the glue to your nail and press the false nail firmly and wait to dry. (Be careful of the glue as it is watery and can spill and is very strong and dries quickly!)

5) You're done! Now take a pic and send it to us or tag us on Instagram so we can tag you! :) We hope you adore them!



Be gentle when removing your nails so you can get more uses out of them. All you need to do is get a bowl of soapy water and let your fingers soak for a few minutes. Once they have been soaking, get your cuticle stick and gently push between the false nail and your nails until they come off. If you have glue residue on the back of the false nail, just gently scrape it off and they are ready for next time. If you have trouble getting the nail off use cuticle oil inbetween the press on and your natural nail to help loosen the glue!

The adhesive tabs can be easily but gently pulled off and you can use cuticle oil to help loosen the tab! 

If you do not have cuticle oil any other oil can work such as coconut oil, and olive oil!

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