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Lavender Lush Set

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Durable Press-On Manicures


* If you like this set design be sure to check out your other colour options in the POLISH tab. Be sure to add the new colour you want to cart so I know exactly what shade you'd like! *

Example: if you order this set and add a blue polish to cart, the accent nails (glitter and marble) will be blue as well!

If you have specific colours you would like for accents be sure to add a description at checkout!

To determine each of your nail sizes, please visit our sizing chart here

If you want to change the colour of the nails:

1. Add this current item to cart

2. Go to our Polish and/or Accents page and choose your replacement accents and colours on the nails.

3. Add the chosen colour to cart.

4. MAKE SURE to add a description for what you're looking for on the cart page.


We pride ourselves on creating 100% unique creative pieces, ensuring you get a one of a kind set of nails created perfectly to your liking.

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